S(lips)tream / Infinite Tube / A Colibrì in your Mouth

Composed by Laura Agnusdei, 2018
for a 4 speakers system

This piece uses the sounds of ancient flutes as original material. These sounds were performed by Thomas Reyna using mainly extended techniques. I processed these acoustic sources several times, the result is three movements, each based on one or two acoustic sounds and their consequential transformations.

photo by Nicolas Reusens

There's an alien in my sax!

Composed by Laura Agnusdei, 2017/2018
for a 9 speakers system

This multichannel electroacoustic composition is a study based on my own tenor saxophone playing and it explores the perceptual boundaries between the acoustic and electronic domain. Acoustic sources are mixed with processed sounds resulting from different techniques of analysis and resynthesis. The first part of the piece focuses on sonic textures made by multiphonics, breath-noise, and subtones, which leads to a deep-listening experience. Whereas the second part of the work enacts a more dynamic scenario, assembling slap-tones and other rapidly articulated sounds. This idea of a hybrid sonic world where technology is the virus that infects my acoustic instrument it’s inspired by the art of David Cronenberg.

unChained Melody

Composed by Laura Agnusdei 2019
for prepared mbira
performed by Antoine Josselin
sound engineer Kaan Yazici
“Fractions”, iii, Den Haag (NL) 22/06/2019

unChained Melody is a piece for electrified mbira using different kinds of preparation to explore the timbral possibilities of the instrument. The mbira is a percussion instrument from Zimbabwe, part of the lamellophone family of idiophones. The composition is inspired by the traditional African custom of enriching the sound of the instrument attaching metal objects to its body.