KyoKyoKyo Live Soundtrack for Kurutta Ippeji


A PAGE OF MADNESS (Kurutta Ippeji, 1926) is one of the few surviving films from Japan’s silent era. It is also famous for its bold avant-garde cinematic style and experimental narrative. Tonight, Teinosuke Kinugasa’s masterpiece will be accompanied by the Italian trio KyoKyoKyo, who will perform the original score they have created for the film.

KyoKyoKyo is a musical trio from Bologna, consisting of Carlo Marrone (Guitars, electronics), Bob Nowhere (guitar and synths) and Laura Agnusdei (saxophone, electronics). Their music ranges from rock-noise and ambient to lyrical moments. They are currently focusing on live scoring silent movies. They have previously performed the score of A PAGE OF MADNESS in Bologna and Ravenna, and at Soundscreen Festival.