Agnusdei's solo compositions feature the saxophone as the main voice within sonic landscapes that shift between melodies and textures, the song form and improvisation, fusing acoustic, digital and analog sound sources to create emotional states that change from track to track. Night/Lights, an ep composed of 4 pieces of soulful electroacoustic music, is her solo debut cassette released in September 2017 via UK-based label The Tapeworm. Since 2016, she has been performed in many venues and festivals such as Rewire (NL), EYE Filmmuseum (NL), Reform Act (AT), Macao (IT), Ipercorpo (IT), Iklectic (UK) and opened for artists such as Colin Stetson and Ariel Kalma.

  • Night/Lights

    TAPE- ttw#97 The Tapeworm 02/09/2017