Hand in Hand with a Stranger – an audio diary

Hand In Hand With A Stranger” is a radio piece I composed partly during my residency at Worm Studios and partly during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown period. Inspired by the art of Lithuanian-American videomaker Jonas Mekas, its form is what we can describe as an audio-diary; a collection of personal thoughts, feelings, ideas, and small ordinary events happened between January and March 2020, when I was touring South Italy and during my residency period in Rotterdam. Nevertheless, these sonic sketches are not presented in a chronological sequence but assembled freely to compose an intimate story where a state of displacement and loneliness trigger an intense and attentive relationship with the surrounding world.

After composing the piece I asked graphic designer Rob Shuttleworth to help me in creating a visual counterpoint for my work. The result of this collaborative process is a book where a combination of words, photos and maps gently reconfigures the extremely personal geography of this nonlinear journey, revealing new points of resonance previously unseen.

get your copy on my Bandcamp and listen to the piece here